We pride ourselves on creating a fun and welcoming environment in every class. If you’re still unsure what to expect, please read on for more info!

Pole Class

These are our general pole dance fitness classes. We have a set syllabus with several levels to work your way through at your own pace, with guidance from our experienced instructors.

We will begin by taking the class through a group warm up. Pole is a full body workout, and it is therefore essential that we prepare our bodies for the exercise we are about to do.

The rest of the class will consist of a lesson planned by your instructor incorporating strengthening, endurance and cardio elements in order to achieve the most from your workout.

The class will end with a group cool down led by the instructor. Along with the warm up, this is an essential aspect in the prevention of injuries and is just as important as the lesson.

Fierce & Flexible Stretch Class – 1 hour

Stretching is not just for pole dancers – anyone can take part. Flexibility is something that will benefit our lives every single day. Benefits include:

Decreased risk of injuryIncreased range of movementIncreased blood flow and nutrients to soft tissuesIncreased body awarenessReduction in lower back painImproved posture

These, of course, will add a great positive to any individual and help increase performance in an active lifestyle.

Check out the Fierce & Flexible Facebook Page for more info!

Private Tuition – £30 per hour

We provide 1 to 1 sessions for you to focus on whichever key areas you choose – whether it be pole, fitness, dance, or stretch.

Party Packages

We offer tailor made party packages to suit your special occasion, whether it be birthdays or hen/stag parties. For more information, click here, or email westendpole@gmail.com for enquiries.


From time to time, we will also post snippets from our classes on our Facebook page and on Instagram, so please feel free to have a look to see what they’re all about. Class participants are encouraged to post their own highlights from each class – just remember to tag us!

All classes should be booked through our Book Now page, after reading through our Terms & Conditions