• Please ensure you have on a clean mask covering nose and mouth for the duration of your visit to the studio, including exercise time (unless medically exempt)

• Please wash your hands immediately upon entering the building and directly before leaving, as well as frequently while you’re there. There will be a hand sanitiser station by the main entrance and the bathroom sink can be used as usual.
• Please bring your own towel for drying your hands.
• Please bring your own hand sanitiser to keep at your mat/pole for the duration.
• The door will be locked at the class start time therefore latecomers cannot be allowed entry. Please arrive up to 10 minutes before class starts.
• Avoid queueing outside the toilet as this area can become congested very quickly.
• Everyone in the building must take responsibility for their own and their fellow students’ welfare by adhering to social distancing guidelines and following the one way system.
• Students found to have been ignoring social distancing guidelines set out by the Scottish Government will have their booking terminated and will not receive a refund.
• Due to the limited availability of class spaces, customers who cancel with less than 24 hours notice more than once will risk having their account restricted.
• We encourage students to wear a clean mask for the duration of your visit if possible. If you forget, you can purchase a disposable one for £1.
• We ask students to have hair tied back while you are in the building.
• In order for us to comply with the Scottish Government’s Test & Protect protocols, it is vital that you ensure your contact information is correct. This can be amended in the “Profile” section.
• We ask that the topic of Covid-19 isn’t discussed in the studio as some have unfortunately lost loved ones to the virus and the topic may be upsetting.

In the Waiting Area:
• You will only be able to access the studio 10 mins before class to get ready and get to your pole/mat, and 10 mins after class to gather your belongings and leave.
• If you are attending 2 classes in a row, you must wait outside while cleaning takes place.
• No use of changing facilities – come ready to pole/stretch with jumper/joggers to remove quickly upon entering.
• No storage in studio – leave bags in your car where possible. If this is not possible then shoes, bags, valuables and outer layers of clothing must all be stored in the waiting area inside a bin bag we will give you to take away with you. The main entrance will be locked during class to ensure your belongings are safe.
• Use of toilet restricted to emergencies only – please go before you come to the studio or hold it until you get home.
• We will dispose of any belongings left behind on the day. So please double check before you leave.
• Please take any rubbish away with you.

In the Studio:
• No sharing equipment. This includes but is not limited to poles, mats, blocks, grip, etc.
• Only bring your phone, water bottle, grip, hand sanitiser and pole cloth into the studio and keep them all on the floor sticker at all times.
• The class outfit you are wearing on your person (shorts & t-shirt for example) must be the only clothing in the actual studio. Cover up layers like jumpers must be left in your designated bin bag in the waiting area before class.
• Once you are in your class outfit, proceed directly to your pole or mat, following the one-way system laid out, maintaining social distancing.
• Avoid coming and going from the studio to the waiting area – once you’re in, you’re in!
• We will provide cleaning spray to be kept at your pole, but please bring your own clean cloth.
• We cannot provide mats or blocks for stretch so you must bring your own.
• During pole classes & privates, masks are to be worn (unless medically exempt) in all areas as well as at your pole
• Masks are to be worn (unless medically exempt) for the duration of all Fierce and Flexible classes.
• No spotting for pole moves – by other students or instructors until Government advice deems it safe. This means you must NOT attempt moves in which you are not completely comfortable.
• During Fierce & Flexible, partner stretches will be allowed but if you would rather not do them, your instructor will advise an alternative.
• When taking progress photos for each other, please do not pass phones around. Instead, take photos and send them to each other after class.
• When setting up your phone to record yourself during class, your phone must stay on the floor sticker for personal belongings.
• When resting, do not lean on the walls. Instead lean on your own pole.

If you have any questions regarding these protocols, please email