Sports Therapy

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As well as being one of our instructors, Kirsten Doherty is a qualified Sports Therapist and runs her clinic from the studio.

For more information, please get in touch with enquiries
Email: kdstglasgow@gmail.com                            Facebook: @kirstendohertysportstherapy


What is Sports Therapy?

Injury prevention
Education on how to keep your body performing at its optimum level regardless of age, occupation or fitness level.
Maintenance massage can assist in recovery from intense training sessions and may prevent many injuries as a result of training. 
Injury Assessment 
If you think you may have an injury, you can book in for an assessment. During the clinical assessment, we will aim to recreate your symptoms in order to isolate what exactly is causing them, while locating which structures are affected.
This may include one or more of the techniques outlined here.
Strength and range of motion exercises prescribed will be specific to your sport or lifestyle as far as possible – that way you will be motivated to adhere to your rehab programme.