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Suzi graduated with Merit in dance in 2004 and has been teaching and performing various styles for more than a decade.

Her professional performance repertoire includes Scottish Ballet, FireBox Dance Theatre, InsideOut Productions and F3 Entertainments. Alongside performing she has continued her professional development in her key areas of interest, focused upon dance and flexibility.

She has more than twelve years of teaching experience helping to share her knowledge, skills and passion for dance with students of all levels.

She has focused on pole and contortion in recent years and she continues to thrive on sharing the reward of progression in physical ability and confidence with all her students and colleagues who in turn thrive on her energy, enthusiasm and motivational style of teaching.

She firmly believes that with the right mindset, support and commitment  anyone can achieve their goals.




Kirsten joined the world of pole 10 years ago having worked as a climbing instructor.

She came across pole by chance after being blown away watching a Youtube video. Not just by the  strength and grace she could see from the dancer, but also how fun and exciting its appeal was.

The challenge was that she was very shy and the thought of going to a class was terrifying to her. So she bought a pole and taught herself at home. It wasn’t until a year later that Kirsten had the courage to go to her first class in Glasgow.

She loved every minute of class and regretted not starting sooner. She was surprised at how welcoming the class was, how quickly she progressed and how much safer she felt learning in a studio with experienced instructors, till she became one herself.

Kirsten developed her confidence so much that it has become a passion for pole performance. She has performed at events around Scotland as well as placing top three in national competitions.

Since beginning her pole journey, Kirsten has also become a qualified sports therapist, specialising in pole and aerial injuries. Contact her directly to book!

Kirsten aims to promote all aspects of pole and fitness, making everyone feel welcome and confident whatever age, background or ability.

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